Advantages and Disadvantages of Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor

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2022-08-11 11:24

In the age of energy conservation, no matter what kind of product we choose, we will take its energy-saving effect into account as a reference value for our purchase.  In the past two years, a new type of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor has emerged in the field of air compressors. This type of product has entered a higher energy-saving level with air compressors and is the best energy-saving product of all types at present.  At present, the 19th National Congress advocates a new era of energy conservation, so the market for permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors is even larger and moves towards a new era of industrial energy conservation.

After learning the energy-saving advantages of the product, we should also master the shortcomings of the product. The following summarizes the shortcomings of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor:

Motor: The motor used by the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is a permanent magnet motor, and the weakness of this motor is fear of demagnetization. Magnetic steel determines demagnetization. The motor is in a high temperature state for a long time and easy to demagnetize.

Maintenance: Compared with ordinary compressors, the maintenance of permanent magnet frequency conversion machines is relatively troublesome. During the maintenance of the machine head, the motor must be disassembled before the machine head can be disassembled. Professional tools ( the rotor has strong attraction ) are also required to carry out maintenance work.

In addition to the advantages of energy saving, the following three advantages of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor are summarized:

1. Low maintenance cost.  As mentioned above, maintenance is troublesome. In fact, no matter what type of aircraft, it is best to require professionals to carry out maintenance work in the prescribed order.  The maintenance cost in the permanent magnet frequency conversion machine is low because it uses an efficient energy-saving control system, which has little impact on the power grid and mechanical impact and prolongs the service life of each zero unit.

2. Low noise.  Compared with ordinary compressors, the noise is low.

3. Reduce wear and tear.  The power consumption is greatly reduced, the air system is stable, and the loss in production is greatly reduced.

( Source: Sazhen Custom Energy Saving Air Compressor )

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