International Patent Mega Technology Drives World Motors

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2022-08-11 11:26

As one of the famous invention experts in the field of motor driving in China, Mr. Shang Wei invented several Chinese patent technologies, as well as two American inventions and one German invention.Most of these patented technologies are authorized to be widely used by ebmpapst in 55 branches around the world, including Germany, China and the United States, pushing the world motor drive field into an unprecedented new era.

Mr. Shang has been in charge of R & D for many years at Iberian Piet Company.  This is an established German enterprise, which originated from the Xerox - abegg company founded in Berlin in 1910 and later moved to Murfenggen due to World War II.  Mr Sturm, who had worked at Xerox for more than 100 years in 1963, independently founded EBM in Mulfenggen and developed the industry's first EC(Electronic Commutation ) fan. After that, he developed at a high speed, acquiring the famous papst and MVL companies in the industry and combining them into ebmpapst ( Eppie ) company, focusing on the research of high-efficiency and energy-saving fans and so on. After more than 50 years of accumulation, he became a veritable " invisible champion".  As a technical leader in the field of motor and fan industry, it has 55 branches and 6 research and development centers, 7 experimental centers and more than 13000 employees all over the world, providing professional solutions and services to customers.

Mr. Shang's Ebian Pieter Fan ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is the first leading enterprise to enter China in the field of high-efficiency energy-saving motors and fan products. More than 1300 employees, 17 offices, 5 branches, a research and development center and an experimental center in the Asia - Pacific region provide services to China and neighboring countries.

In 2007, after 12 years of development, local production and sales in the Asia - Pacific region were stable, Ibizat China Company urgently needed to upgrade.  We need to provide products that are competitive enough for the Asia - Pacific region, as well as strong technical support and development capabilities, so we started to set up an Asia - Pacific research and development center and an experimental center.  Mr. Shang, who has just returned from training and working in Japan's research and development center, has experienced the whole process from the establishment of the world's top 500 Omron's East Asia Research Center in Shanghai to its merger with the factory. He owned and purchased the invention patent on motor control at the university stage in 1998. After graduation, he has soaked in China and Japan's research and development centers for many years and has a very deep research and development capability of motor drive technology and overseas business management experience.  There is no doubt that he is the key figure for Ibizat to upgrade its technology and product line in the next few years.

Facts have proved that Mr. Shang is indeed the most suitable technical candidate sought by Ibizat.  He made many trips to Germany and China to communicate with each other, train the Chinese team with the support of the German headquarters, and gradually establish China's R & D capability and R & D system. At the same time, in the process of solving technical problems and developing new products, he successively put his nine patents and invention technologies into the company's batch production, and cooperated with the sales department to gradually establish and improve China's product line and technology R & D system.  At the same time, he also participated on behalf of the company in the formulation of the first industry standard of China's outer rotor motor, JBT 12227-2015, which greatly promoted the technical progress of China's motor industry.

Particularly noteworthy is the " passive filter" ( patent no: ZL200910165456.2 ) invented in 2008.  Mr. Shang interpreted IT as a low-cost filter for the electromagnetic low-frequency noise existing in motor products and used in demanding industries such as IT.  This patented technology has applied for Chinese invention patents and utility model patents respectively, which have been tested by the world's largest and most authoritative TUV laboratories in Germany and Ebian Pieter's headquarters laboratories in Germany and completely meet the technical requirements. Moreover, under the same application scenario, the cost of the products produced by this patented technology is three times lower than that of the existing German parent company's patented technology, especially the failure rate is greatly reduced, so it has been widely used in the production of Chinese company products and later promoted to German parent company and U.S. branch products.  Before this, only the " active filter ( patent number: US6759820 B2 )" applied by Germany's head office in 2002 could solve this problem, so it also experienced a year-long labor pains and was officially approved in writing by a rigorous German expert with a large amount of data and facts.

If the " passive filter" perfectly solves the noise problem of motor products in demanding industries such as IT, then the " motor control system" ( patent number: ZL201120240806.X ) " refers to the random frequency conversion technology used in the communication industry to bring an unprecedented low-cost solution for reducing motor noise.  In view of the existing products, the system noise can be reduced only by changing the frequency spectrum of the noise energy through the improvement of the software algorithm, thus realizing the product performance upgrade, which greatly reduces the hardware and motor design and manufacturing costs and has potential and huge economic benefits.  The fan products using this technology have developed well in Ebian Piet China and have been tested in the market for many years. Due to technical protection, German headquarters quickly requested the inventions of the United States ( Patent No. US2013/009577A1 ) and Germany ( Patent No. DE02011107189U1 ) and also extended to German parent companies and other branches in the United States, greatly promoting the popularization of the world motor industry, especially the high-efficiency and energy-saving motors.

In addition, many patented technologies such as " voltage converter", " power driver" and " variable pole high efficiency and energy saving motor system" developed by Mr. Shang are highly valued by Ebian Pieter German parent company and widely used in power drive fields such as power supply, motor and fan.  It can be said that Mr. Shang's research has injected strong innovation and driving force into the product upgrading of many motor fans around the world, especially high-efficiency and energy-saving motor manufacturers.  We also expect him to innovate continuously and invent more and better technologies and products to make our life better.

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