In line with France's energy policy, PSA and NIDEC will jointly develop a new electric motor

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2022-08-11 11:27

At the end of November 2017, when the test results of DS E-Tense electric engine were not satisfactory, PSA was prompted to seek relevant technical support.  On the morning of December 4, France time, PSA Group signed a cooperation agreement with Japan Electric Products Corporation ( NIDEC ).  NIDEC is not a strange company to the French media. In 2016, NIDEC acquired LEROT-SOMER, a large French motor factory, and became the main supplier of French industrial electric motors.  PSA and NIDEC announced immediately after signing the contract on the morning of the 4th to invest 220 million euros as the initial capital for cooperation between the two sides, and NIDEC also announced that it will invest about 5.4 billion to 7.6 billion euros in the development of electric motors in the next five years.

Global warming has been a hot topic in Europe in recent years, with governments paying special attention to green energy industry and renewable energy policies.  This year, the French President paid a special visit to the German Chancellor in Berlin to have an in-depth exchange of energy industry transformation policies between the two sides.  The French President stressed in particular: " The transformation of the energy industry can not only improve the economic structure of the society, but also create more jobs and enable the European people to have a better life."  This has affected the energy policy of the French auto industry. Electric motors will become the mainstream in the future.  With more and more self-help car charging stations on the streets of Paris, Xiao Lin personally believes that the development of French electric vehicles has become an irresistible trend.

Tesla's strong rise in recent years has changed the ecology of the automobile industry, and traditional factories such as Mercedes - Benz have also started to build their own power plants to conduct research and development of electric motors.  Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said at several press conferences that she hoped the electric vehicles would be fully popularized by 2030.  From this, it can be seen that the demand ratio of electric vehicles in Europe in the future must be increasing.  In recent years, the development of oil-electric hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles has become a trend in the growing awareness of environmental protection, and major manufacturers all over the world have invested considerable research and development funds in the field of electric motors.  PSA, Europe's second largest automobile industry group, naturally does not want to be absent from this competition. This French car factory is also actively seeking industrial transformation. According to PSA's own assessment, the demand for electric vehicles will more than triple in 2030. Therefore, in order to grasp the market advantage, it is necessary to quickly understand relevant knowledge and make a major breakthrough in the research and development of the next generation of electric vehicles.

The French government has also set up relevant supporting measures to encourage people to buy electric vehicles, such as setting up an energy board to charge electric vehicles on the highway to Versailles in cooperation with U.S. telecommunications company QUALCOMM.  With the efforts of the government and industry, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the French car market, while sales of electric vehicles increased by 35 % in 2017, according to

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